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A true friend has good character, is honest, trustworthy, gives unconditional love, and always does the right thing. Their reputation is everything to them. A true friend is someone who will lift you up when you are down and will inspire you on your journey to the best person you can be. Friends help you to reach your goals and are willing to listen when you have a problem even when they would rather not. When you win and are successful they are truly happy to celebrate with you and when you lose they have a shoulder for you to lean and cry on. That’s what a real friend is. A treasure!

Throughout my life I have been truly blessed by having several good friends. My mom, Romayne Leader Frank taught me by example to have good character, to be honest, trustworthy, and to always do the right thing. Momma was my first role model, mentor, best friend and teacher. She modeled for me the right way to behave and treat others. She was the finest person I have ever known. Momma was a lawyer who helped families who had lost everything get back on their feet. Through her wise guidance she would show them how to repair their finances. She was always willing to listen and help. As a friend, wife, mother, and lawyer she cared about helping others to succeed with their goals and she was always willing to help you find your way.

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